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Information for Patients and Consumers 

Health information technology, sometimes called e-health, uses computer networks to manage your medical records. Every state including Illinois is moving forward with this technology to benefit your health and lower the cost of health care.
If you’ve gone to more than one doctor or seen a specialist, visited a clinic or a hospital, you may have separate paper medical records stored in each one of these locations. Those records include information about illnesses, injuries, medications and results of medical tests you’ve taken. Because your records are stored in paper files in different locations, it’s very difficult for your doctors or other health care providers to review your complete health information. Electronic records will allow you and your doctor to make better decisions based on complete information. When will your provider be using e-health? Ask them!

View this video to learn more about the benefits of health IT and how online, secure access to your health records can help ensure that you and your families get the best possible care. Click the links below to learn more about health IT, read newsletters, fact sheets, patient stories, and more:

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