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ILHIE Direct - Secure Messaging Solution ( 

Improve Patient Care, Save Time, and Lower Costs with ILHIE Direct

Steps To Connect

  1. Review ILHIE Direct prices and decide on a plan that meets your organization's needs.
  2. Click here to sign up. You will submit a brief pre-registration form and then be forwarded an invoice and ILHIE Direct Agreement. Feel free to also browse that page for more information.
  3. When we receive your signed agreement we will forward you instructions to complete your registration and identity authentication. Payments must be made within 30 days of invoice date.
  4. After submitting your registration you will be emailed your account information in 1 - 2 business days. When logging in to your mailbox for the first time you will find instructions for adding additional mailboxes. 

Note: If you'd like to get a head start on filling out and signing the ILHIE Direct Agreement, you may access a copy of the agreement here, and follow the instructions below. If you choose to go this route, please complete this process before submitting your pre-registration so we know not to send you an additional agreement:

  • Please review the agreement, fill out your company’s legal name and appropriate information on pages 1,6, 8, and 17, and sign pages 8 and 17.
  • You may either: scan/email the agreement to Cory Verblen at; fax it to 312-814-1468, or mail the entire contract to Cory's attention at: Illinois Health Information Exchange Authority; 100 W. Randolph, Suite 4-750; Chicago, IL 60601.
Please browse this page for more information about ILHIE Direct and how it can benefit your organization.

What is ILHIE Direct?

ILHIE Direct is a nationally-certified, HIPAA compliant, encrypted messaging service. Licensed Illinois health care providers and staff members involved in patient care are currently exchanging patient health information electronically through ILHIE Direct, across organizational borders with and without an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. All you need is an Internet connection, a web browser and and an ILHIE Direct address.

Use ILHIE Direct Daily for Better Care Coordination

Securely exchange clinical summaries, referrals, and transition of care documents, even images with anyone with an ILHIE Direct email address. Below is a typical example of how it works.

  • Instead of sending patient information through faxes and US mail a clinic sends referrals to a specialist in real time through ILHIE Direct allowing the specialist to have their patient’s health information before they arrive. The specialist has more quality time with the patient, the patient has fewer forms to fill out and there is no need for additional administrative contacts to the clinic requesting more information and there are no more paper records to store. 

Integrated Direct

Integrated Direct is ILHIE Direct integrated into your EHR system, allowing streamlined messaging without having to leave your system. Integrated Direct users also have access to regular, web-based ILHIE Direct. Click here to learn more and sign up.

ILHIE Direct Information & Resources