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ILHIE Public Health Work Group - Technical Infrastructure Subcommittee August 25 2010 Meeting Minutes 

August 25, 2010
2 p.m. - 3 p.m.

Attendees (By Phone):

  • Bala Hota, Stroger Hospital
  • Bill Trick, Stroger Hospital
  • Mary Driscoll, Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)
  • Peter Eckart, Illinois Public Health Institute (IPHI)
  • Jessica Ledesma, IDPH
  • Judy Kauerauf, IDPH

Office of Health Information Technology (OHIT):

  • Krysta Heaney

Bala Hota opened the meeting at 2:05 p.m.

Peter Eckart asked for additional clarification about the charge of the subcommittee. Bala Hota suggested the subcommittee needed additional definition from OHIT regarding their deliverables. Patricia Cunningham (not in attendance) was asked to provide a more detailed scope of what the subcommittee should pursue, in the short and long term, at the next meeting.

Krysta Heaney provided an update on public health related topics from the August 16, 2010, ILHIE Technology and Interoperability Work Group meeting; that Work Group has requested Public Health to identify their desired transmission standards for public health data.

There was a discussion about the relationship and coordination between the various Work Groups of the ILHIE Advisory Committee.

Mary Driscoll provided an update from the Public Health Use Case Subcommittee meeting (August 25, 2010); the subcommittee has selected immunizations as its first use case. Bala Hota asked about the readiness of the state system to receive immunization messaging. Judy Kauerauf explained that the state system was capable of receiving immunization messaging; however there were functional product/system limitations on the provider side. Illinois is currently working to test messaging with Wisconsin. Although there appears to be some limitations, Bala Hota reported that there was substantial interest within the provider community and increasing interest among the informatics community for immunization messaging/exchange.

The subcommittee hopes to focus future discussions on: 1) how data is transmitted to public health via the ILHIE; 2) recommend standards for data storage; 3) recommend how knowledge bases are developed; and 4) identify specific use cases, with attention given to how the scope of those use cases may change over time.

The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for September 8, 2010.

Meeting adjourned at 2:30 p.m.