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Family Support Agenda 


  1. Introduction
  2. Administrative Items
  3. Follow up on Action Items from Previous Meeting
    • Invitation to Gail Olson and Michelle Clyne to serve on this subcommittee. (Elizabeth Gastelum)
    • Prior lobbying efforts regarding information to parents wtih the Illinois Association of Ophthalmology and the Illinois Academy of Audiology. (Elizabeth Gastelum)
    • Comparison of directories for parents and children who are deaf or hard of hearing available in the State of Illinois. (Marcia Breese)
    • Survey on what information is given to parents of children who are visually impaired. (Jane Breen)
    • Update of map of underserved areas of the state for educational programs for children with hearing and/or vision loss. (Marcia Breese and Marsha Schoth (ISVI))
    • Review registries/child find methods in Texas, Maryland, Florida and Arizona. (Jane Breen)
  4. New Discussion items
    • 504 vs. IDEA
    • Potential redefinition of ISD and ISVI
    • Central information point for families: Pros and Cons of the following existing entities serving in this capacity:  
    • 1.       ISD/ISVI

      2.       ISBE

      3.       DHS

      4.       IDHHC

    • Brainstorming: If a program were created specifically to serve as the central information point for families with children with hearing or vision differences, what would that entity require to best serve families in the State?
  5. Next Meeting