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Arts Alliance Illinois 


Arts Alliance Illinois is the statewide arts advocacy and service organization promoting the value of the arts for everyone in Illinois. It advances widespread support of the arts, enhances the health of the arts and cultural sector, and fosters a climate in which the broadest spectrum of artistic expression can flourish.

Core Values

  • Creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Community

Core Beliefs

The Arts Alliance is grounded in the belief that the instinct to be creative is universal; the arts play an essential role in the social, economic and educational growth and vitality of Illinois; and the arts must embrace all, celebrate all, and be accessible to all.


The arts are central and indispensable to Illinois. The arts are acknowledged to enhance the quality of life, fuel creativity and innovation, sharpen the State’s competitive edge, attract and retain talent, promote cross-cultural understanding, and connect Illinois nationally and globally.

The Arts Alliance is the recognized catalyst and leader fundamentally elevating the presence and importance of the arts within the State. It transforms Illinois with:

  • Significant support for the arts and culture from the public and private sectors;
  • Political and civic leadership endorsement of the arts’ value to the well-being of Illinois communities;
  • Widespread individual participation in and support of the arts;
  • The arts recognized as core to every young person’s learning and required in the academic curriculum of every Illinois school;
  • Diverse arts and cultural organizations and artists committed to broad engagement and artistic excellence.