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Bicycling Frequency Asked Questions & Answers 


What laws regulate biking in Illinois?

  • Click here to review the federal and state legal frameworks affecting bicycling policy in Illinois.

Where can I bike in Illinois?

  • Click here to view Google Bicycling-layered maps of Illinois. Zoom to your community to see specific, Bicycle-friendly routes
  • Click here to view a detailed map of bike trails in your county.
  • Click here to view IDNR-maintained Illinois Mountain Bike Trails.
  • Contact your local transportation representatives for community-specific information on bicycling accommodations.

I would like to use inter-modal transportation options. Can I bring my bike on forms of public transportation?

Download the Bike-on-Transit in Illinois guide for information on inter-modal bicycle travel in Illinois.

Visit the American Public Transportation Association website for links to your local transit system.

What bicycle safety resources are available in Illinois?

  • Click here to learn about Illinois' Share the Road campaign and other bicycling safety initiatives. 

What is the State of Illinois currently doing to advance bicycle policy?

  • Click here to learn about what state agencies are doing to advance inclusive and comprehensive bicycling policy.

What is the "Bicycle Level of Service" Rating System and how can it be used to identify an appropriate bicycle route for a given cyclist?

  • Download the Illinois Department of Transportation Bicycle Level of Service guide for an explanation of the rating system used to categorize bike route suitability.
  • Visit the Regional Bicycling page for links to county bike maps in your region.

Who can I contact for more bicycling information?

  • Click here to for a broader overview of federal, state, and local bicycle contacts.

The Chicago Department of Transportation installed protected bike lanes along the Kinzie Corridor during summer 2011. The protected lane features a marked lane, a buffered area with flexible bollard delineators, and a parking lane for automobiles.