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  3. Governor Quinn Statement on U.S. EPA Carbon Emission Rules

Governor Quinn Statement on U.S. EPA Carbon Emission Rules 


Governor Pat Quinn issued the following statement regarding the recently released U.S. EPA carbon emission rules:

“I commend President Obama for confronting this critical issue. Illinois has seen the devastating impacts of severe weather first-hand with 11 natural disasters over the past five years. Moving toward a cleaner, more reliable and resilient energy system will bring significant benefits to our communities and our state.

“Illinois has a diverse supply of energy with nearly half generated from nuclear. In recent years we have dramatically increased our renewable energy and energy efficiency investments. This has already led to reductions in power plant emissions by millions of tons per year. Illinois is ranked fourth in the nation with respect to installed wind generation, and is the only non-coastal state ranked among the top ten in the nation for energy efficiency programs.

 “These efforts have driven down energy costs for consumers, created thousands jobs and made us better stewards of the planet. We have nearly 100,000 people across the state who are already working to design, manufacture, install and operate clean energy and energy efficiency systems.

“We look forward to building on this progress and working with industry, labor, the environmental community and all other stakeholders as we move through the federal rule-making process to create a plan that works for Illinois.”