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Office of Health Innovation and Transformation 

Governor’s Office of Health Innovation and Transformation

The Governor’s Office of Health Innovation and Transformation (GOHIT), created by the Governor’s Executive Order, is responsible for directing Illinois’ health reform initiatives, particularly those related to the State’s Alliance for Health Innovation Plan. The Alliance for Health developed out of a six-month planning grant awarded from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation. The Alliance for Health brought together all of the state’s health insurance plans, large provider organizations, public health practitioners and more than 80 business, consumer, provider and association stakeholders, to identify the innovations needed to achieve the triple aim:  achieving better health for our residents, improving the effectiveness of the delivery system and lowering costs so health care and insurance is affordable for everyone in the state. GOHIT is responsible for leading and coordinating implementation of the transformation principles in the Innovation Plan, supporting stakeholder engagement, and creating and operating an Innovation and Transformation Resource Center to provide technical assistance.

Alliance for Health Innovation Plan

Illinois Alliance for Health Innovation Plan Executive Summary and Charter

Illinois Alliance for Health Innovation Plan

Alliance for Health Steering Committee

June 2014 Meeting
Meeting Presentation

Alliance for Health Implementation Work Groups

Several work groups have been established aimed at implementing the innovations in the Alliance for Health Innovation Plan and the 1115 Waiver application. The work groups include:

Integrated Delivery System Reform
Services and Supports
Data and Technology
Public Health Integration

Additional meeting information is available here.

Alliance SIM Model Testing Application

Illinois is preparing an application to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation for $100 million over four years in “Model Test” funding.

To receive this award, Illinois must demonstrate that the substantial new federal funding will be used to test models defined in the Alliance for Health Innovation Plan that health plans, providers, and public health practitioners and many others developed to transform our health care systems to achieve the triple aim of improved health, more effective health care delivery and lower costs. 

A successful SIM application must include letters expressing continued involvement from the State’s key stakeholders, including health care providers and health systems, commercial payers and purchasers, hospitals and medical associations, mental health and substance use providers, supportive housing organizations, community-based support providers, business groups, and consumer advocates.

If you would like to submit a letter of support, please email a PDF version of your letter to  by close of business Wednesday, July 16, 2014.

Sample letter of support 


GOHIT Resources Webinar Series
Alliance for Health Work Groups
Responses to Request for Information (RFI) for Medicaid Health Systems Transformation
Request for Proposals for Health System Transformation Consultation
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