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Illinois Data 


Illinois Specific Data Related to the Affordable Care Act

Information released by the White House in March 2012 shows the impact of activities implemented through the Affordable Care Act in Illinois. Since 2010:

  • 144,226 Illinoisans have saved a total of $96,216,548 on prescription drugs
  • 1,353,031 Medicare beneficiaries in Illinois have received free preventative services
  • 2,390,000 residents (including 605,000 children) can now receive preventative services provided by their private insurance without cost sharing
  • 4,670,000 Illinoisans no longer have lifetime limits on their health insurance plans
  • 102,659 young adults in Illinois have gained health insurance through their parent's plans
  • 3,349,000 residents are protected by the new Medical Loss Ratio rule
  • 2,327 people in Illinois have gained health coverage through the Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan
  • Illinois has received $4,500,000 to fight unreasonable premium increases
  • The state has received $6,228,454 to build the Illinois Health Benefits Exchange, $30,400,000 to improve public health and $87,100,000 for Community Health Centers

*Data source available here.