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Child Support 

Child Support

Child Support Modification During Military Reserve/National Guard Mobilization/Activations

Page Updated: 05/12/08 ~ Forms Revised: 05/12/08

The State of Illinois has an interest to ensure that child support payments are made in accordance with State law based upon all sources of income and appropriate deductions during long-term military activation periods for Reserve and Guard personnel.

All citizens, regardless of personal income levels, who have Illinois court or administrative orders involving child support may apply for child support modification and enforcement services through the Title IV-D Division of Child Support Enforcement Program (DCSE) of the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (IHFS). These child support enforcement and modification services from HFS come at no cost to the applicant.

When a National Guard or Reserve member is mobilized or activated to long-term continuous military active duty orders (defined as greater than 30 continuous days), his or her income may change during the temporary period of military service. Members of the National Guard or Reserves who are placed on long term orders and who have been previously ordered by an Illinois court or by Administrative Order through HFS to make child support payments are required to continue current child support payment amounts until ordered otherwise.

The below links highlight what various parties who either pay child support or receive child support for dependent children need to do to apply for child support services through HFS. In addition, procedures for military and civilian staff members charged with military activation/mobilization administration are listed below.

All procedures must be followed to ensure that HFS can expeditiously process service applications from interested parties. Along with the forms below, applicant must provide a copy of their Leave and Earnings Statement. Questions can be e-mailed to, contact (312) 793-0193 or 1-800-447-4278.

The Title IV-D Temporary Child Support Modification instructions and forms below can be viewed, printed, and downloaded in Adobe PDF format.