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Governor Quinn Signs $31 Billion “Illinois Jobs Now!”

Capital Construction/Economic Recovery Plan Means Over 439,000 Jobs

CHICAGO - July 13, 2009. — Governor Pat Quinn today signed into law bills that create the $31 billion Illinois Jobs Now! plan, which will revive the state’s ailing economy by creating and retaining over 439,000 jobs over the next six years. At a bill signing ceremony, Governor Quinn stressed this is the first statewide capital construction effort to become law in over a decade.

“This is a crucial economic recovery initiative that will generate what’s needed most in Illinois: jobs, jobs, jobs,” said Governor Quinn. “Illinois Jobs Now! provides many long-awaited improvements to our bridges and roads, transportation networks, schools and communities.”

Governor Quinn added that Illinois Jobs Now! will create many new “green” weatherization jobs, protect and improve the state’s fresh water supplies, and advance high-speed rail from Chicago to St. Louis, which will cut down on auto traffic and emissions.

“With Illinois Jobs Now!, our state rises to the challenge of building a viable green economy for the 21st Century that serves our people and strengthens our businesses,” said Governor Quinn.

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Governor Pat Quinn Signing "Illinois Jobs Now" bill