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Celebrating Latino Inventors, Scientists and Innovators 

Ladislao José Biro (1899-1985)
Nationality: Hungarian-born Argentine
Innovation: Invented the Ballpoint Pen

Dr. Raul Cuero (1948- )
Nationality: Columbia
Innovation: Biogenesis Innovator

Ileana Sánchez
Nationality: Puerto Rico
Innovation: Braille Art Books

Dr. Luis Von Ahn (1979- )
Nationality: Guatemala
Innovation: Inventor of CAPTCHA

Guillermo González Camarena (1917-1965)
Nationality: Mexico
Innovation: Pioneer of Color Television

Jose Rodriguez Labandera (1804-?)
Nationality: Ecuador
Innovation: Invented Early Submarine

Dr. Jacinto Convit (1913- )
Nationality: Venezuela
Innovation: Fighting Leprosy

Olga D. González-Sanabria
Nationality: Puerto Rico
Innovation: Nickel-Hydrogen Batteries

Dr. Ellen Ochoa (1958- )
Nationality: Mexican-American
Innovation: First Latina in Space; Invented Optical Lenses for Space

Uruguay 1924 Olympic Soccer Team
Nationality: Uruguay
Innovation: Invented the "Victory Lap"

Albert Vinicio Baez (1912-2007)
Nationality: Mexican-American
Innovation: First X-Ray Microscope