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Enterprise Lands 


Enterprise Lands include all the remaining lands within the Millennium Reserve boundary. This includes both developed and undeveloped lands such as historic, and culturally significant sites, brownfields, residential neighborhoods, commercial properties, industrial lands.

Management Goal

Enterprise Lands will be managed to support environmental, commercial, and community goals as appropriate and as determined by the landowner. Specific prescribed management is not appropriate for this category of lands because of its broad potential diversity. Enterprise Lands will be the beneficiaries of public-private partnerships that promote regional goals and improve the economic, cultural and natural habitat. Voluntary programs will be developed to achieve environmental, economic and community goals and will provide support and guidance to participating landowners who wish to enhance their role in the Millennium Reserve.

Potential Management or Activities may include:

  • Development of public parklands to promote connection to nature through a diversity of routes.
  • Conversion of brownfields into community gardens, urban agriculture, etc. where local residents can use plots to grow fruits, vegetables or flowers for their family or to sell to supplement their income.
  • Development of resource compatible small business, such as food stands and bike or boat rentals.
  • Development of Farmer’s Markets to provide a venue for local citizens to buy and sell produce, handicrafts and art.
  • Rehabilitating and utilizing brownfields to develop an outdoor sports complex with soccer and baseball fields, and basketball courts, etc.
  • Encouraging, enhancing and expanding opportunities for youth sports leagues and other sport-based community activities.
  • Development of a cultural and industrial history route through the area could attract historical, as well as natural tourism.
  • Completing and connecting trail routes throughout the area and sponsor trail based event to highlight the trails and recreational opportunities.
  • Promoting innovative new uses for underutilized lands for income-generation and/or habitat, such as renewable native biomass production, garden nurseries, organic farming, etc.
  • Improving habitat in Rail, Road and Utility corridors while maintaining compatibility with current uses and needs.
  • Development of a Green Infrastructure Bank

Compatible Recreation

Recreation in Enterprise Lands will be flexible to the community needs and goals.

Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities are encouraged and supported on Enterprise Lands.

Research Opportunities

Research in Enterprise Lands is encouraged and supported.