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Social Emotional Development 


Family Image During the first three years of life, your child will develop crucial intellectual, emotional and social abilities, learn to give and accept love, to be confident and secure, to show empathy, to be curious and persistent—all abilities that will enable your child to learn, relate well to others and lead a happy and productive life. This is an exciting period in your child's life!

Each child grows and develops differently. This gives you general information about what a child from birth to age five might be doing at a certain age.

If you have concerns about your child's growth and development, you may want to consult with your pediatrician, family physician or other healthcare provider.

Your child may benefit from Early Intervention. If your child is between birth to age 3, and you have concerns about his or her development, view the Child and Family Connection agency (CFC) Web site or contact 1-800-843-6154 to find an agency near you.

2 - 4 weeks:

    2 months:

    4 months:

    6 months:

    9 months:

    12 months:

    15 months:

    18 months:

    24 months:

    3 years:

    4 years:

    5 years:

    Kindergarten Checklist:

    There is no simple method for determining that a child is ready for kindergarten, but this list from a child-development specialist may help parents evaluate their children’s developmental level. These developmental skills are important for a child if he or she is to function happily in the kindergarten classroom.

    Speech and language:

    Gross motor coordination:

    Fine motor coordination:

    Social and emotional:

    For Healthy Start/Grow Smart Brochures for your newborn and each month of your infant's first year of life.


    Resources for girls:

    Early Intervention: