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HFS Medical Programs 

The Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS), Division of Medical Programs, administers and, in conjunction with the federal government, funds medical services provided to about 20 percent of the State’s population. Illinois’ Medical Assistance Programs, consisting of Medicaid and numerous other medical programs associated with it, provide comprehensive health care coverage to over 2.6 million Illinoisans and partial benefits to another 290,000+. The programs cover children, parents or relatives caring for children, pregnant women, veterans, seniors, persons who are blind, and persons with disabilities.

Information for Customers

HFS’ Medical Programs offers many different healthcare programs that can help Illinois residents to lead healthier and more independent lives by providing adequate access to healthcare coverage, at no, or minimal, cost.  Sometimes these programs are called Medicaid, All Kids, FamilyCare, Moms & Babies or HFS Medical Benefits.  To be eligible for these programs, adults must be Illinois residents and U.S. citizens or qualified immigrants.  Children are eligible regardless of immigration status.  All individuals must meet income and asset requirements, that vary by group.

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Information for Providers

HFS reimburses enrolled providers for covered medical care and services provided to eligible participants.  The range of services for which HFS will pay varies depending on the program or plan under which the participant is covered.  The objective of HFS’ Medical Programs is to enable eligible participants to obtain medically necessary care.  Preventive care is covered in certain circumstances.  Prior approval requirements may be imposed for some services such as, but not limited to, certain prescription drugs, durable medical equipment, prosthetics and disposable medical supplies.  Providers must bill HFS their usual and customary fee charged to the general public. HFS’ payment is the lesser of the provider’s charge or the maximum fee established by HFS for the service or item.

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HFS General Information

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