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Claims Processing System Issues 

HFS is experiencing the following system problems. Once the system problems have been resolved, we will notify the providers by updating this Web site.

If your question is not answered by the HFS Claims Processing System Issues informational pages, please send your question to us via: E-mail HFS Claims Processing System Issues.

The links below will provide you with the most current system issues that the department is experiencing as well as information regarding resolutions.

HFS System Issue

HFS System Issue Problem Begin Problem Fix Date
The 340B Federal Drug Pricing Program dispensing fee add-on is not being applied to claims submitted by Provider Type 52, Certified Health Departments. Claims received February 4, 2014 The issue has not been resolved.
Check this page for updates.
SMART Act 2.7% reimbursement rate reduction no longer applies to ambulance services Claims Received: July 1, 2013 April 9, 2014
Expansion of Telehealth Services – Payment of the Q3014 Telehealth Originating Site Fee to Community Mental Health Providers for SASS eligible participants Claims received: January 29, 2010 March 25, 2014
Recoupment of Affordable Care Act (ACA) Primary Care Increased Payments January 1, 2013 November 18, 2013
Potential Overpayment of Transportation Claims (A0120, A0130, A0422, A0426, AO428 and T2005) Claims received: December 04, 2012 Claims received: March 05, 2013
Expansion of Telehealth Services – Added Telehealth Originating Site Facility Fee (Q3014) to Medicaid/MCD benefits package for Medicaid eligible DMH clients receiving distant site physician services via telemedicine Bill date: July 1, 2011 Bill date: December 16, 2013