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Subcommittee Access 

The Access subcommittee is established to advise the Medicaid Advisory Committee concerning strategies for ensuring that populations covered under Healthcare and Family Services’ Medical Assistance programs have timely access to quality care that meets their need without discrimination. The special focus of the Access subcommittee is addressing healthcare disparities because of race/ethnicity or socio-economic status.

This subcommittee will:

  1. review access with areas of focus that may be programmatic or by specific population or health condition;
  2. review steps that can be taken to improve access to care for Medicaid recipients via recommendations for more effective public education, change or refinement in quality indicators or identifying gaps in reporting access to care.
  3. based on such reviews, make recommendations to the Medicaid Advisory Committee to improve programmatic implementation or population access and to also include recommendations to HFS on how to track progress or lack of progress in addressing gaps or service deficiencies.