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Subcommittee Care Coordination 

The Care Coordination Subcommittee is established to advise the Medicaid Advisory Committee concerning strategies for expanding and enhancing Healthcare and Family Services’ medical home healthcare delivery system, as part of the effort to enroll 50% of its clients in coordinated care by January 1, 2015, as required by P.A. 96-1501. 

  1. Study ways to enhance the current Primary Care Case Management Program, Illinois Health Connect, to comply with the requirements of Illinois’ Medicaid reform law P.A. 96-1501;
  2. Study various patient focused service delivery models, including integrated care and accountable care organizations;
  3. Study the use of both financial and nonfinancial incentives to improve the quality of healthcare outcomes and reduce health disparities between low- and high-income enrollees through comprehensive care;
  4. Study the use of evidence-based practices and electronic medical records to facilitate communication between PCPs and other healthcare providers; and
  5. Based on such studies, make recommendations to the Medicaid Advisory Committee.