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Subcommittee Long Term Services and Supports 

The Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) subcommittee is established to advise the Medicaid Advisory Committee concerning strategic planning to meet the long-term care needs of Illinoisans. This subcommittee will:

  1. Review steps that can be taken to improve provider and public awareness of long term supports and services;
  2. Review steps that can be taken to improve policy for financing, cost effectiveness, affordability, interagency implementation of Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, personal choice, delivery, management and quality of LTSS for seniors and persons of any age with disabilities who require LTSS;
  3. Advise on the best ways to simplify interfaces between various state agencies and their divisions and the LTSS provider community;
  4. Review and advise on the interface and coordination of LTSS in Managed Care Entities;
  5. Encourage development of quality programs for LTSS; and
  6. Make necessary recommendations to the Medicaid Advisory Committee.