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ACE Data

Organizations that file a Letter of Intent as described in the ACE Solicitation will be provided a Medical Programs Analytics Reporting Knowledgebase (MPARK) data set. General information, including data dictionary and glossary for MPARK is available through the MPARK Webpage. This page is provided to highlight how MPARK has been customized to better meet the unique demands of the ACE solicitation and to provide additional information to assist organizations that are developing proposals. Please read this introduction letter (pdf) for more background information.

How is ACE Data Unique?

As mentioned above, the MPARK data set will be provided to organizations that submit a Letter of Intent (LOI). MPARK will be modified to include only data related to ACE eligible recipients, their services, and the providers who serve them.

ACE Data Training

A training webinar was conducted on September 18, 2013. This is a recording of the webinar (.wav) and these are the training slides (pptx) (pdf).

ACE Data Sample Code

This sheet provides sample code to illustrate how potential ACEs may use MPARK to prepare their proposal and develop their management strategy.

Delivery of ACE Data

After the Letter of Intent (LOI) and related Data Use Agreement (DUA) are received by HFS, the potential ACE will receive two emails when the MPARK data set is ready for download. The first email will contain a link(s) to a secure FTP site containing the data. The second email will contain a password that is necessary to access the files. The data set will be delivered as a zipped file or multiple zipped files if the data request is large. Only WinZip should be used to unzip the files as other products have been known to cause problems. A free download of WinZip is available through the WinZip website.

ACE System IT Survey

On Friday, March 21, 2014, a webinar occurred to address questions ACEs had related to completing the ACE System IT Survey. Below are the related recording and slides.

ACE System IT Survey (wmv)

ACE System IT Survey (pdf)

Contact Us

Please email any questions or comments about ACE data to