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Medical Program Analytics Reporting Knowledgebase (MPARK)  

Please use this page as the central resource for information on MPARK.

Program Information

What is Medical Programs Analytics Reporting Knowledgebase (MPARK)?

MPARK is summary data with respect to recipients, providers, hospital admissions, prescription drugs, and emergency room visits. The data can be used to understand population enrollment and demographic characteristics, to understand which providers provide care for a population, to understand population costs, and to assess the population potential for care coordination. MPARK data should not be used for coordinating care of a specific recipient, for quality of care measurements, and for longitudinal analysis other than year to year.


Please check here periodically for any updates regarding MPARK.

Data Dictionary

This dictionary is intended to provide descriptions of the data regarding MPARK.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Sheet

This sheet is intended to provide answers to frequently asked questions regarding MPARK.

Information on Chronic Illness and Disability Payment System (CDPS)

Code Description Tables  

The tables below provide descriptions for codes that are included in MPARK files delivered to organizations. 

Type of Service Documentation


This glossary is intended to provide more details regarding MPARK.

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