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FAQ Technical Details 

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  1. How is data delivered?
    Typically, we will deliver data via secure file transfer protocol (ftp). Other methods may be possible or necessary depending on the size of the files to be transferred and your organization’s ability to receive the data.
  2. What software can be used to analyze data?
    Data will be provided as a .txt file. This can be imported into Excel, Access, SPSS, SAS, Stata, SQL, and possibly other statistical analysis programs. The choice of program is up to the organization receiving data. We highly recommend using a database tool that allows you to replace source data and refresh reports. This will save you considerable effort if we need to re-release data to correct an error or if you request a new data set in order to modify an attribute used to select your population of interest.
  3. What tech support is available to partner organizations?
    A limited amount of technical support is available from Healthcare and Family Services (HFS). This is intended to ensure that data conforms to partner organizations’ requests and is delivered in useable condition. Because HFS’ human resources are limited, the amount of technical support available to partner organizations will correlate inversely with the number of organizations requesting data.
  4. How much assistance can HFS give my organization in accessing, understanding, and analyzing the data?

    Heathcare and Family Services (HFS) has created documentation on the contents of the data sets; the data sets’ exclusions and limitations; and some business terminology underlying data categories. This documentation is intended to ensure clarity as to what various data fields signify. Please see the complete FAQ, glossary, and data dictionary for more information.

    Choice of data analysis method is left to the partner organizations. Please see below.

    Additional Technical Assistance (TA) is available in the form of seminars and Webinars on management issues. Please see Section D of Attachment D of the Solicitation for more information and to submit your organization’s requests for assistance. 

    For further questions, please contact the HFS contact identified in the cover sheet accompanying your data. As human resources are limited, the amount of assistance available to partner organizations will correlate inversely with the number of organizations requesting data.