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August 2014 


Greetings from HFS Director Julie Hamos

Welcome to another periodic edition of HFS e-news to keep you updated on program changes. To register for future editions, please visit HFS E-News Online Registration or download for others who might be interested by visiting: If you are a Medicaid client, this newsletter is not the official notification of any changes that may impact you, and you do not have to respond in any way. This is general information for the public.

Thank you,

Julie Hamos

Care Coordination Roll-Out Plan

Please note that 230 questions and answers received on the Illinois Medicaid Care Coordination Roll-Out Plan have been posted on the HFS website. Please take time to review the Care Coordination Roll-out Questions from the June 30, 2014 webcast (pdf), to better inform yourself on the process being used.

The roll-out is proceeding on schedule. You can view the schedule on the HFS Managed Care Expansion Mail Schedule (pdf) page. The biggest population of Medicaid clients lives in Cook County, and they are children, their family members/caretakers, and the newly eligible adults in Medicaid (“ACA Adults”). The enrollment packages will begin to be mailed to those populations in Cook County on September 8, 2014.

Medicaid clients in the Greater Chicago Region will have a number of Health Plans from which to select. These clients – your patients, neighbors or members – may be confused by the letters they are receiving. Please refer them to Client Enrollment Services at 1-877-912-8880. The client will talk to a Client Enrollment Broker (CEB), a neutral party who is not part of any Health Plan and is ready to educate and assist clients to make a choice.

Illinois Family Planning Action Plan Announced

The draft of the Illinois Family Planning Action Plan was announced on August 20, 2014. Its goal is to: “increase access to family planning services for women and men in the Medicaid Program by providing comprehensive and continuous coverage to ensure that every pregnancy is a planned pregnancy.” About 1 million girls and women in the Medicaid program are of childbearing age, and 54% of all babies born in Illinois are through Medicaid.

To achieve this goal, HFS will increase provider reimbursement rates, improve operational policies, and will work closely with Health Plans and providers to make sure that comprehensive family planning services are offered to our clients. Please review the draft Family Planning Action Plan and our new Family Planning website and offer any comments or other feedback by September 15, 2014. Thank you for your ongoing interest in the Medicaid Program.