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Conclusion: A Process That Worked 


In conclusion, the planning process to establish a more comprehensive detoxification service delivery system in Illinois was completed as per legislative mandate. The results are described in the details of this document. It is of note that this Report provides the State of Illinois with the "first" plan for the designing of a much more integrated detoxification services delivery system and was developed collaboratively by those working in both hospital-based and community-based provider settings with state agencies.

HFS and DHS/DASA will continue to work together in the provision and monitoring of the different aspects of these particular clients' healthcare services. Both agencies will provide full support to those providers whose proposals are selected to implement the first three pilots of the enhanced comprehensive service delivery model. To those hospital and agency representatives that participated who are serving thousands of current Medicaid clients and also the thousands of newly eligible individuals joining as of January 2014, thank you for your expertise, service and on-going commitment in support of sustainable recovery for those challenged by alcohol and substance abuse in our state.