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Under Public Act 96-0941 (pdf) (html), Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) must provide information on the medical services that Medicaid reimburses. This data release is intended to provide easily accessible, understandable and useable data to all interested people, including researchers, healthcare providers, and individuals. HFS hopes to provide a way for evidence-based increases in the quality of Medicaid services, as well as reductions in the waste and fraud in the benefits system. Identical data is published on

HFS welcomes your feedback on this data release.

Provider-Level Data

Under the law, HFS must disclose the names of providers and vendors, their county, and the number of patients they serve; the payments, average costs and adjustments of the bills they submit to HFS; and the total amount of money they have received from HFS. We voluntarily provide additional information on the types of service Medicaid providers gave to recipients.

2012 Provider-Level Data

2011 Provider-Level Data

2010 Provider-Level Data

Program Enrollment and Demographics Data

To comply with Transparency law, HFS currently provides five-year enrollment history for each county in Illinois. Additionally, we provide demographic summary information.

2014 Program Enrollment and Demographics Data

2013 Program Enrollment and Demographics Data

2012 Program Enrollment and Demographics Data

 2011 Program Enrollment and Demographics Data

Affordable Care Act Enrollment Data


This comprehensive glossary is intended to provide more details on the data releases, Medicaid, and medical care recipients may have received.


HFS has uploaded this data to, where many state governmental agencies post data sets related to their work. Please visit this site to download the Transparency data sets in .pdf, .csv, .txt, and .json formats.


Transparency law requires HFS to periodically collect comments from the individuals who access the data presented here. To participate, please select the Survey link.