The Commission is comprised of members with expertise in both the public and private sectors. The group includes: two legislators from each of the four caucuses; chief administrators of eight of the State’s major human service agencies; human service advocates and community leaders; and two co-chairs designated by the Governor.

The members of the Human Services Commission include:

Grace  Hou  Co-chair
Greg Wass Co-chair
James Alexander Ahlam Jbara
J. Maichle Bacon Christopher Koch
Arthur  Bishop Wynne Korr
Juan Calderon Jim Lewis
Richard Calica Miram  Link-Mullison
Evelyn Diaz Dave Lowitzki
Wendy Duboe Dora Maya
Andrea Durbin Candace McCarthy King
Judith Gethner Sara Moscato Howe
Gaylord Gieseke Barbara Otto
S.A. Godinez Pamela  Rodriguez
Julie Hamos Dee Ann Ryan
Arden Handler Amy  Rynell
LaMar Hasbrouck Michelle Saddler
Mary Hollie Michael Shaver
John Holton Vickie Smith
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