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Dear Illinois Citizens:

The Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission has recently held several closed meetings under the Open Meetings Act during its general and special meetings. IDHHC Commissioners and staff must respect the balance of both the public right to know and the confidentiality of matters appropriately discussed during a closed meeting. IDHHC understands this has raised concerns and inquiries from the community.

During its meeting on August 13, 2015, it was stated that certain staff were suspended from IDHHC. This was incorrect. IDHHC apologizes for any disruption this has caused for the deaf and hard of hearing community and to IDHHC Staff and fellow lDHHC Commissioners.

IDHHC stands by Director John Miller, Assistant Director Janet Lambert, fellow Commissioners and its staff. IDHHC looks forward to our continued work to advance the support for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals of all ages in Illinois.



Anil Phadke
IDHHC Chairman


John Miller
IDHHC Director


Mission Statement

The Illinois Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission shall promote system change, community education and collaboration to advance effective communication access for all individuals with hearing loss in Illinois.


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