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The Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007 was effective on September 12, 2007.
The law requires interpreters for the deaf and hard of hearing to have a license to provide interpreting services - effective January 1, 2009.


Attn: Interpreter Coordinator
528 South 5th Street
2nd Floor, Suite 209
Springfield, IL 62701

NOTE TO INTERPRETERS:  All renewals postmarked after February 15, 2014 must be submitted with a $75 restoration fee.

(225ILCS 443/) Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007

Interpreter Licensure Rules 

E-PAY (click here if you would like to make an online payment)

1) You must submit your completed application and required documentation to the IDHHC office via U.S. mail.
2) All fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please see Section 1515.70 of the Interpreter Licensure Rules for a complete listing of all licensure fees.

Initial Application Form
Please email
if you need a renewal form or CE affidavit.

Initial Licensure Application Instructions
Required Fees: $225
($50 application fee and $175 licensure fee)
Applications for General License submitted after July 1:
 $50 application fee and $90 pro-rated licensure fee.

Please note:  Provisional licenses are valid
 for one (1) year from date of issuance, therefore the licensure fee is
$225 for initial application, regardless of application date.

Renewal Application/CE Affidavit
In Oct/Nov each year, IDHHC will email a self-populated renewal application form.  In order to process your renewal please verify all of the information sign, date and submit along with the renewal fee.

Required Fee: $150*

*Renewal applications submitted:

~Between January 1 - February 14, must include a $60 late fee 
~After February 15th, must include a $75 restoration fee

    Applications received without the appropriate fees will not be processed. 
    Please contact if you need
     a renewal form and/or CE affidavit sent to you.



      Upgrade/Duplicate License Form
      (includes lost/stolen cards, name changes and license upgrades)

      The Interpreter for the Deaf Licensure Act of 2007 requires each interpreter to keep IDHHC notified (by written request) of his/her current address. If your name has changed, you must include documentation of the name change (marriage license, court order or divorce decree.) If you want your license reprinted, prior to the next renewal, you must complete a duplicate license request and submit the required fee.

      Required Fee: $25

      Inactive Status
      Inactive Status is an option for those interpreters who are choosing not to (or are unable to) interpret for a time.  The renewal form has a section marked "Inactive Status" that you must fill out and send in with the required fee.  When returning to active status, a renewal form along with the current year's renewal fee will suffice in order to return to active status.  Please email if you need the renewal form sent to you.

      NOTE:  Those interpreters who choose not to apply for inactive status and allow his/her license to expire will be subject to all lapsed renewal fees plus a restoration fee before a license can be re-issued.  Please see Sections 1515.110 and 1515.120 of the Interpreter Licensure Rules for more information regarding Inactive Status and Restoration.

      Required Fee:  $50

      Restoration Application
      Any sign language interpreter for the deaf whose license has expired or has been placed on inactive status and wishes to restore his/her license must submit a restoration application.  It is in the interpreter's best interest to contact IDHHC to obtain the amount for all lapsed renewal fees plus the restoration fee.

      Required Fee:  Contact

      Verification Form
      For interpreters applying for licensure with a license from another state, the interpreters must send the Verification Form to the licensing state for its completion.
      However, this does not include interpreters with a Missouri license and certification because the Interpreter Licensure Rules recognize the Missouri Certification as an acceptable certification.


      Complaint Form
      Please submit to IDHHC if you believe an interpreter has violated Illinois law or regulations.


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