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Under the Interpreter for the Deaf Act of 2007, interpreters are required to have a license to provide interpreting services after January 1, 2009, unless an exemption applies. Interpreter licenses are based on proficiency levels. The proficiency levels determine which interpreting assignments an interpreter can accept. The actual licenses are color coded:

Master – Silver
Advanced – Green
Intermediate – Yellow
Provisional – Red

The regions (shown on map) and the alphabetical listing are sorted by the interpreters' licensed proficiency level.  To find an interpreter, click on the region of where services are needed.  Then a list of local licensed interpreters and their contact information will be displayed.  If you are attempting to locate a specific intepreter on the list, you can search by pressing “Ctrl F” and typing in the interpreter’s name.

Alphabetical Listing  

Find Licensed Sign Language Interpreters in your area. 

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    The list of licensed interpreters is in PDF format. Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

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