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Office of Performance Based Standards 


Patrick McGuire
| Chief

Scope of Operations

The agency promotes effective management by systematically reviewing standards and activities of the Illinois Department of Corrections for the purpose of;

  • Analyzing compliance with existing laws, department rules, regulations, directives, standards, or policies;
  • Assessing efficiency and effectiveness in utilization of resources,
  • Determining whether desired results are being achieved; and
  • Providing consultation to encourage compliance and promote greater administrative, operational, and program efficiency and effectiveness.

The Office of Performance Based Standards is responsible for the management of performance-based compliance procedures. Assigned regional auditors serve as audit team leaders in the field as well as providing technical compliance support to assigned facilities and sites. The office also establishes an annual fiscal year audit schedule. All correctional facilities and adult transition centers are audited by the Office of Performance Based Standards on an annual basis unless otherwise directed. All facilities and offices are required to conduct internal audits on a monthly basic according to their respective internal audit schedule. Fundamentally, the internal audit system at each facility and site is audited annually by the Office of Performance Based Standards to ensure compliance with requirements.