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Concordia Campus Sustainability 


In 2012, a Go Green Concordia Campus Committee was formed to support green initiatives and sustainable best practices through responsible management of resource use at the IDOC General Headquarters.  To support recycling, the committee ensured that additional bins and recycling bin maps were placed throughout Concordia Campus.  In addition, a Go Green Concordia Campus newsletter, campus recycling manual, and helpful recycling instructions, such as deskside recycling, were developed and disseminated to staff through the agency intranet.

To promote awareness and appreciation for the earth's environment and sustainable living, the IDOC General Headquarters at Concordia Court celebrated Earth Week during April 2012. 

In the spirit of Earth Week, the Go Green Concordia Campus Committee hosted activities, including two Brown Bag Lunch Programs.  Abby Walden, representing the Waste and Recycling Division at the City of Springfield, presented “Recycling 101.”  Walden discussed what items to recycle and why in addition to providing information on drop-off recycling facilities as well as hazardous household waste collections.  She also distributed ½ gallon waste containers for employee workstations, noting the mini-trash can waste concept is a unique concept for reducing waste and promoting recycling.  Horticulture Educator Jennifer Fishburn with the University of Illinois Extension Logan-Menard-Sangamon Unit also presented information on “Compost Basics” and explained how to turn plant debris into “black gold.”   

Mini trash can concept deskside

In addition, the Employee Benefit Fund Committee at Concordia Campus held a cook-out and raffled an Illinois Correctional Industries rain barrel.

As a result of its sustainability outreach program, Concordia Campus is successfully practicing the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.  Through its recycling efforts, the campus has reduced three large dumpsters for a $469 per month savings to the department, which equates to saving $5,628 a year!  Because of this commitment, these three large dumpsters are no longer being filled and we are not sending recyclables into the waste stream.  

New tree program at Concordia Campus

The sustainability plan at Concordia Campus also focuses on responsible management of its tree program.  In the past year at Concordia Campus, some 19 trees were removed because they had died, were rotten or severely damaged by storms. To help sustain the campus landscape, Menard Correctional Center provided new trees from its timber area, consisting of pin oaks, chickpeas and hackberries.  These new trees were planted during Earth Week in honoring the campus beauty and the earth’s environment.  In addition, grass clippings and leaves are now being used around trees and plants on campus as part of its sustainability efforts.

The Go Green Concordia Campus Committee is committed to implementing and promoting sustainable practices at the IDOC General Headquarters as well as creating a culture of positive environmental stewardship.

Go Green Concordia Campus Committee Members
Jen Aholt (chair) 
Joe Danosky
Tim Flenniken
Glenn Jackson
Greg Kelso
Ramon Menendez
Dave Menzel
Mandy Page
Steve Shaughnessy
Dede Short

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."

~Native American Proverb