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Fox Valley Adult Transition Center Sustainability 

Since launching the sustainability movement within the Department, the Fox Valley Adult Transition Center "Go Green" committee has made strides in an effort to achieve sustainability. One of the first steps taken was to implement a recycling program. The program consists of recycling aluminum and paper products. These items are collected and will be taken to a local recycling center and sold for cash which will go into the facility resident benefit fund. In an effort to save on electricity all standard lights are being changed out with lower wattage fluorescent bulbs. The facility is currently negotiating with the building’s owner on replacing all windows and screens which will conserve both heat and electricity.

We are excited to announce that we have planted a garden. The vegetables which are produced are not only going to help feed our residents, they will benefit our community as well.  Mutual Ground, a non for profit organization that both shelters and counsels abused and battered women, has agreed to accept vegetables we grow. This food will help feed women currently at their facility. The staff at Mutual Ground were so exited by this proposal that they have asked us for assistance with starting their own garden as well. We as a facility are very proud to be able to assist Mutual Ground as they provide free services to many of our residents whom otherwise would have affordable options for care. As a facility we continue to learn and attempt to achieve greater sustainability. Thanks to all Go Green members statewide for their assistance and guidance along the way.