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Illinois Correctional Officer of the Year 


1987 Sergeant Austin Randolph Menard CC
1988 Sergeant Gregory Brassel Centralia CC
1989 Correctional Officer Rod Emmons Pontiac CC
1990 Correctional Officer Steve Mifflin Menard CC
1991 Correctional Officer Curt Eubanks Dixon CC
1992 Correctional Officer Pedro Mata Joliet CC
1993 Correctional Officer Raymond Ainslie Centralia CC
1994 Correctional Officer Hector Castillo Dixon CC
1995 Sergeant Raymond Conley Vienna CC
1996 Sergeant Larry Stigler Stateville CC
1997 Sergeant Darryl Edwards Danville CC
1998 Sergeant Charles Cadell Menard CC
1999 Correctional Officer Damian Bragg Stateville CC
2000 Correctional Officer Eli Betancourt Danville CC
2001 Correctional Officer Felicia Austin Danville CC
2002 Sgt. Michael Monje Menard CC
2003 Correctional Officer Ed Lewis Pontiac CC


Correctional Officer Mac-Shane Frank Pinckneyville CC; Youth Supervisor III Anthony McGlothian IYC – Joliet; Youth Supervisor II Jeffery Taylor IYC – Warrenville; Residence Counselor I Ernestine Hemmitt Jessie “Ma” Houston Adult Transition Center


Correctional Officer Tyrone Carter Vandalia Correctional Center Correctional Officer; Angelita Hanson Decatur Correctional Center; Youth Supervisor II Leonard DiFiore IYC - St. Charles; Residence Counselor I Maxine Walker Crossroads Adult Transition Center; Parole Agent Shannon Champion District 4


Correctional Officer Michael Maines Centralia Correctional Center; Correctional Officer Justine Aldred Lincoln Correctional Center; Residence Counselor II Louis Higgins Peoria Adult Transition Center; Youth Supervisor II Richard Hesterly IYC – Harrisburg; Senior Parole Agent Dennis Starnes District 2


Correctional Officer Michael Range Stateville Correctional Center; Correctional Officer Vincente Nerio Lincoln Correctional Center; Residence Counselor I Gather Warnsley Decatur Adult Transition Center; Youth Supervisor II Kess Roberson Illinois Youth Center – Harrisburg (IDJJ); Senior Parole Agent Tina Butler District 5


Correctional Officer Sisawat Singmuongthong of Sheridan Correctional Center; Correctional Officer Lynn Hodge of Dwight Correctional Center; CRCI Jonathan Stewart of Southern Illinois Adult Transition Center; Parole Agent James Stiers of the Sex Offender Supervision Unit, District 2; Youth Supervisor II Dario Gonzalez of Illinois Youth Center-Joliet (IDJJ)


Correctional Officer Sean Ballantini at Centralia Correctional Center; Correctional Officer Amanda Williams at Decatur Correctional Center; Correctional Residence Counselor I Lavond Borders at Jessie "Ma" Houston Adult Transition Center; Parole Agent Gary Phillips at Dixon Parole Office, District 2; Juvenile Justice Specialist Gabriel Bedolla at Illinois Youth Center Chicago (IDJJ)


Correctional Officer Jason Anglin at Pontiac Correctional Center; Correctional Residence Counselor II Anita Christoffell at Fox Valley Adult Transition Center; Correctional Residence Counselor I Scott Williams at Decatur Adult Transition Center; Parole Agent Demetrius L. Norton at District I; Juvenile Justice Specialist Jeff Marnati at Illinois Youth Center-Murphysboro; Parole Supervisor Paul Carlson at District 5 – Governor’s Star Award


Correctional Officer Adam Vincent at Taylorville Correctional Center; Correctional Officer J. Lincoln Roth at Dwight Correctional Center; Corrections Residence Counselor II Darryl Paschal at Crossroads Adult Transition Center; Senior Parole Agent Mark Wiegmann at Parole District 4; Juvenile Justice Specialist Denise Peters at IYC Kewanee


Correctional Officer Jimmy Hollon at Lawrence Correctional Center Correctional; Correctional Residence Counselor II Rodella Morgan-Knazze at Westside Adult Transition Center; Correctional Officer Aberardo "Al" Salinas at Dwight Correctional Center; Parole Agent Harry D. Pyle at Parole District 5; Juvenile Justice Specialist Chad Heriaud at IYC Warrenville; Aftercare Specialist Janice Griffin IDJJ


Correctional Officer Joseph Jennings at Western Illinois Correctional Center; Correctional Officer Jacquelyn Greenwood at Decatur Correctional Center; Senior Parole Agent Eric Harris at Parole District 1; Juvenile Justice Specialist David Dierking at IYC Pere Marquette; Aftercare Specialist Jacqueline Raguay IDJJ

Memorial Wall

The Illinois Correctional Employees Memorial Association, a non-profit organization, was formed to recognize and memorialize correctional employees who have been killed or suffered permanent disability while performing their duty. The names of IDOC's fallen heroes are inscribed on granite blocks. The Memorial Wall is a lasting tribute to their memory--and a humble salute to IDOC's lost comrades.