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Lawrence Correctional Center Sustainability 

Lawrence Correctional Center was built in 1999, which gives it has an advantage over many of the older prisons in Illinois in being an energy efficient facility. The technology and builders utilized, have helped shape Lawrence into a state-of the-art energy efficient facility. In 2006 the facility started recycling items such as, florescent bulbs, lighting ballasts, and toner/ printer cartridges. The motor oil from the vehicle maintenance shop is picked up by a local company and then used in their oil-burning furnaces. Brass shell casings are sent back to the IDOC Training Academy via Robinson Correctional Center to be recycled.

In 2006, Lawrence started bailing the scrap card board. During FY11and FY12, this has helped achieve facility savings of $21,474.00: a total of $6,290.00 was saved in trash pick-up and a whopping $15,184.00 has been generated through the sales of the bailed material. During FY11 the facility also began recycling kitchen grease; a local company uses it to make various pet food products.

Lawrence is equipped with water electronic control valves in all housing units, which control water usage. Our current usage rate is about 60 gallons per day, per offender which makes the facility's water consumption one of the lowest in the state.

In the last few years, the facility has replaced facility washers and dryers with high efficiency models that have not only reduced water usage, but also energy consumption. By investing the money to purchase the washer and dryers, the facility has saved thousands of dollars by lowering the maintenance man hours on the machines.

Reducing recidivism is part of Lawrence CC's way of limiting their environmental footprint. The facility gives offenders earned good conduct credit for participation in vocational and college classes; last year alone the facility gave 15,000 days of earned good conduct credit, which resulted in millions of dollars of savings for the state.  Lawrence also has one of the highest school attendance numbers in the state.