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Lincoln Correctional Center Sustainability 

Lincoln Correctional Center started efforts to reduce and reuse many recyclable items since the late 1990’s. Some of the strides the facility has taken to become more environmentally friendly are included below:
  • In the late 1990’s Lincoln Correctional Center started recycling cardboard and tin cans with the baler provided by Midwest Recycling. The vendor picks up the baled items approximately once a month. Midwest Recycling also takes paper shredding on a regular basis.
  • The facility has since taken initiative to recycle some cardboard to be used at the facilities firearms range instead of purchasing cardboard thus reducing the overall cost to operate the range.
  • The facility has a greenhouse and gardens maintained by the inside grounds crew, supplying the dietary with fresh produce, when possible.
  • Lincoln Correctional Center established containers for staff to drop off plastics to be recycled by Correctional Industries.
  • Correctional Industries provided dumpsters for oil and animal fats from the dietary building which is sent to Menard Correctional Center when they are full to be made into bio-fuel.
  • In an effort to reduce paper usage every offender restroom has been supplied with an electric hand dryer.
  •  Ammo (brass shell casings) is sent to the Training Academy so the brass may be recycled.
  •  All electronics are collected and are recycled through the vendor which is contracted by the State of Illinois.
  • The Maintenance Department plans to start a compost pile as well as installing rain barrels to reduce the amount of water used for the gardens.

 Some of the gardens at Lincoln Correctional Center