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Peoria Adult Transition Center Sustainability 

Although the Peoria Adult Transition Center (PATC) is leased building with limited green space, PATC’s Green Team continually strives to find new and inventive ways to "Go Green" through Sustainable efforts.

For example, currently a building wide recycling program is being implemented and upon completion will save the State of Illinois over 20% of the garbage disposal budget at the center. PATC also recycles all light bulbs and printer cartridges through a certified program.

A small greenway area will be updated and replanted; the Decatur Correctional Center is providing an array of plants that will be put in upon arrival. Hosta, shrubs and multiple perennials will be planted.

A reverse osmosis system was installed in the employee break area and saves the employee benefit fund over $1500 a year in drinking water expenses. Cleaning water by reverse osmosis is important for many different reasons when considering its use in treating wastewater. It is the most effective system for producing clean filtered water. It removes more chemicals than any other process of filtration, even more than water distillation.

PATC tries to incorporate as many green friendly cleaning products through Illinois Correctional Industries as feasible in cleaning the facility, this list includes Enviro-safe Hydrogen peroxide cleaner, Synthetic decomposable mops, and environmentally preferred floor cleaner all purchased through Illinois Correctional Industries.