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Taylorville Correctional Center Sustainability 

The Taylorville Correctional Center’s Sustainability Program began with our recycling program in 2010, with the purpose of reducing waste costs. It is quickly growing into a successful, goal orientated program with huge potential. At this time, the Taylorville Correctional Center’s Recycling Program consists of the following:

Cardboard Recycling – We use Midstate Recycling as our vendor and they stage a semi-trailer on site to store the cardboard. We average 7,000 lbs. of cardboard per month resulting in a significant reduction in waste going to the landfill!

Paper/Plastics Recycling – We started collecting and recycling paper/plastic in September of 2011 and it is turning out to be extremely successful as well. Midstate Recycling gave us enough recycling receptacles to be able to place four in each Housing Unit. We have offenders go around to each Housing Unit twice a day and take the paper/plastic to the sallyport where the offender in charge of recycling will take it to the semi-trailer and store it in gaylord boxes.

Cardboard in the semi-trailer to be recycled
Each wing has two of these recycling containers to collect paper and plastic
         Metal cans to be recycled
Metal Cans – We started collecting and recycling metal cans from dietary at the same time as paper/plastics. We recently received a semi-trailer from Ley Metals per state contract for the collection of metal cans.

Date  Metal  Cardboard
Tin Cans
 10/11/2011   20,760       
 9/1/2011     2,455  511  978 
 12/1/2011     3,100 780  1,800 
 2/24/2012  1 -40 yard
 19,000 2,980  850  4,995 
 4/12/2012  1 -30 yard
  5,219  921  1,760 
 5/18/2012      3,708 746  1,671 
 5/21/2012    17,180      
Totals as of
   56,940 17,462  3,808  11,204 

Electronics/ink and toner cartridges – in accordance with the recent legislation, all electronic items are being collected and recycled. Also, all ink/toner cartridges are being collected and recycled.

Greenhouse – The horticulture class has been helpful in utilizing the seeds that were donated to the facility to start all of our plants.       

Gardens - The Taylorville Correctional Center has also initiated 3 garden projects. One outside the fence for sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, and squash. One inside the fence for tomatoes, peppers, melons, and strawberries. One in horticulture for a salad garden to be used in staff dining.

After harvest begins, a tally of total bushels harvested will be reported.

Composting – we currently have two compost locations: one outside of the fence and one in horticulture.

                 Compost pile
                  Shade house
Recycling Programs for Staff – Beginning mid-May 2012, staff will have the opportunity to bring their recyclables to the facility, i.e. plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, and metal. In the near future, employees will be encouraged to bring used plastic planter containers to be reused by our facilities’ horticulture class.

Go Green Taylorville Correctional Center Committee Members
Geoffrey Burris (chair)
Jess Curtin
Bob Garcia
George Good
Nancy Jacoby
Cecil Polley
Miranda Smith