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Vandalia Correctional Center Sustainability 


In April 2012, the Vandalia Correctional Center (VCC) Sustainability plan was born.  This birth consisted of developing a committee with the goal of establishing ways to reduce costs while creating, implementing, and sustaining jobs for the offender population.   The Vandalia Correctional Center is committed to promoting sustainable practices as well as creating a culture of positive environmental stewardship.  The Vandalia “Go Green” Committee exhibited their commitment by implementing and promoting sustainable practices and cost saving measures.   

A Recycling Program was implemented to effectively collect, process, store, and return to industry waste materials produced during the daily operations of the facility.  These materials include (but are not limited to) cardboard, paper, plastic, used ink cartridges, and metal cans.  Correctional Industries will then process, store, and make arrangements for the delivery of these recycled bales. 

In addition, all 17 offender dormitories (Main Facility & Work Camp) are equipped with 3 recycle barrels affixed to the walls and in the common areas.

Larger gardens are being created to be used by the Dietary staff.  This will reduce food costs and provide healthy meals for both staff and offenders.  Other plans for the garden include donating food to the various food depositories in various communities and utilizing the food in the statewide Master Menu. Thus far, there are 15 acres of vegetables planted; 86 different varieties of produce.  VCC has already produced 183 bushels of produce that has been implemented into the menu in just about a month’s time.

Refuse savings, according to last year’s tonnage versus this year’s tonnage, is approximately 12 tons per month saving VCC approximately $550 monthly.