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Graham Reception and Classification Center 

Cecil Polley, Warden 

Facility Data

Graham Reception & Classification Center
Opened: 1997
**Population Graham Reception & Classification Center: 431

**As of 7/1/13

Graham Correctional Center is the parent institution for Graham Reception & Classification Center

Visiting Hours

No visits, except legal when working on a current legal case.

Facility Address

Physical Address:
12078 Illinois Route 185
Hillsboro, IL 62049

Business Mail:
P.O. Box 499
Hillsboro, IL 62049

Inmate Mail:
Inmate Name & IDOC#
P.O. Box 499
Hillsboro, IL 62049

Phone:  (217) 532-6962
Fax:  (217) 532-6799

Facility Information

The Graham Reception & Classification unit is an adult male intake and processing unit, responsible for orientating offenders newly admitted to the Illinois Department of Corrections from certain committing counties to the department.

Offenders admitted to the Graham R&C are in reception status. They remain in reception status until they are transferred to a permanent institution. Privileges and movement are limited at the reception center. The average length of stay is 3 weeks to 2 months; however, it may be longer due to court writ, medical hold, bed space availability, an early release date, or other considerations.