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IDOC holds its first correctional officer cadet graduation for 2014 

IDOC holds its first correctional officer cadet graduation for 2014

Director Godinez addresses 134 correctional officer cadets at the Feb. 14, 2014, graduation.

SPRINGFIELD – February 14, 2014 – The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) today held its first cadet graduation for 2014 with 134 correctional officer cadets joining the agency’s frontline staff. The new correctional officers will be assigned to IDOC correctional centers throughout the state to help meet the operational needs of the agency.

“The IDOC Training Academy performs an excellent job preparing new frontline staff to support the department’s mission of operating a safe and secure prison system for the state of Illinois,” said IDOC Director S. A. “Tony” Godinez. “The academy emphasizes professionalism, accountability and the highest ethical standards through its comprehensive training program. We welcome and look forward to having these new cadets join our professional staff to effectively carryout the department’s responsibilities.”

Cadets at the IDOC Training Academy in Springfield complete a six-week, 240-hour Security Training Program. The cadets undergo intensive instruction that includes search procedures, use of firearms, control tactics, fire emergency, discipline, drug awareness, training exercises, employee ethics, professionalism, report writing, radio communication and exams.

During the ceremony, Godinez emphasized the importance of observing Black History Month in February, while underscoring the strength in the diversity of the agency’s leaders and their valuable perspective on lives. He also reflected on the impact and significance of historical leader, Martin Luther King Jr.

“The words and writings of Martin Luther King Jr. are just as inspiring and relevant today as when he lived,” Godinez said. “Dr. King said, ‘The time is always right to do what is right.’ In reflecting on his 1963 ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, today the dream is still alive. Today, there is still hope and promise. If you are determined, committed and demonstrate good character, you can accomplish many things.”

The Feb. 14, 2014, ceremony marks the 286th IDOC cadet graduation. Since the creation of the IDOC Training Academy in 1974, more than 25,000 correctional officer cadets have graduated.

“Our agency stands on the strength of its foundation, a foundation that has been built and sustained by employees who continue to make the Illinois Department of Corrections one of the best correctional systems in the nation,” Godinez said.

The IDOC is committed to operating a safe and secure prison system, enhancing prison-based treatment and prevention programs and the successful reentry of inmates into society. It operates 29 correctional centers and adult transition centers around the state, with 10,700 employees in security and non-security positions.