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IDOC Springfield Employee Benefit Fund holds first fundraising cookout of the year 

IDOC Springfield Employee Benefit Fund holds first fundraising cookout of the year

Featured is the Springfield Employee Benefit Fund IDOC Grill Team. From left are Neil Rossi, Jeff Hooker, Pam Cronister, Ryan Nottingham, Mike Funk, Amber Bolden, Lynn Adamski, Amanda Saylor and Anthony Leggett.

SPRINGFIELD - May 1, 2014 – The Springfield Employee Benefit Fund (SEBF) Committee recently held its first cookout for employees at the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) Concordia Campus. The luncheon cookouts, which typically can serve up to 300 Concordia Court employees and correctional cadets, are just one of many SEBF fundraising events. The SEBF Committee members, working on their own time, also provide fundraiser evening meals for cadet classes, such as pizza dinners and barbeques. Other SEBF-raised funds are generated through bake sales, employee car washes and the agency’s employee store, where staff can buy items such as t-shirts, jackets and coffee mugs.

Funds raised by SEBF events and activities benefit local charities as well as Illinois Correctional Industries (ICI) inmate programs. The ICI programming provides inmates with skills and training that help support their successful release from prison at no cost to Illinois taxpayers.

The SEBF-generated funds have afforded significant improvements at IDOC Concordia Campus through the purchasing of outdoor benches and picnic tables and the reupholstering of campus fitness center machines, all accomplished through its successful partnership with ICI. The IDOC employee store is also supported through SEBF’s collaboration with ICI inmate programs, which provide silkscreened and embroidered IDOC-logo clothing and other items for purchase.

“I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve on a committee with such a dedicated and hard working group of people,” said SEBF Chairman Ryan Nottingham. “Our committee members go above and beyond, contributing their own time and effort, to sponsor SEBF events. Each member plays an integral part in providing a substantial benefit, to not just the employees and guests of the Concordia Campus, but a benefit which reaches statewide and into our communities.”

Nottingham also noted that SEBF fundraisings help bring employees together and their efforts support communities in time of need. Late last year, the SEBF donated food to first responders in the communities of Washington and Roanoke following the aftermath of tornadoes that tore through the areas. Nottingham traveled to those communities to deliver and grill the food, as part of the recovery effort.

“In addition to the Springfield Employee Benefit Fund, the department’s 25 prisons throughout the state all have active Employee Benefit Funds that reach out to help those in their communities,” said IDOC Director S.A. "Tony" Godinez. “The agency is proud of its staff and their exceptional sense of giving. Many employees are humble in making a difference in the lives of others, yet instrumental in organizing, inspiring and developing drives and donations for worthy causes.”

SEBF Committee members are Ryan Nottingham (chairman), Pam Cronister (treasurer), Amanda Saylor (secretary), Mike Funk, Anthony Leggett, Neil Rossi, Amber Bolden, Lynn Adamski and Tincie Harris. Honorary members are Wendy Jordan, Travis Jones and Jeff Hooker.