Freedom of Information Act Requests 


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In addition to information currently available on the Racing Board's web site, you can also request information that is available through the Freedom of Information Act. 
You may forward a written request to the Racing Board's FOIA officer via the address below:

        Mickey Ezzo, FOIA Officer
        Illinois Racing Board
        JRTC, Suite 7-701
        100 West Randolph St.
        Chicago, IL 60601

FOIA requests can also be faxed to: 312-814-5062 or emailed to
    Click here for the Racing Board FOIA Request Form (PDF, 26 KB)

All FOIA requests will be responded to within 5 days starting the first business day after the IRB receives the request. If additional time is needed, the public body must notify the requestor in writing within 5 business days after the receipt of the request of the statutory reasons for the extension and when the requested information will be produced.

     Click here for the Illinois Freedom of Information Act

     Click here for the Illinois Racing Board Rule - Access To Public Records (PDF, 224 KB)

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