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Cairo evacuated; but some still refuse to go 

KFVS TV Cape Girardeau
May 1, 2011
By Arnold Wyrick

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Thousands of people have evacuated the City of Cairo, after a mandatory evacuation was ordered on Saturday, by Mayor Judson Childs.

Not everyone has choose to leave their homes behind.

"Because they were saying there was no change in anything. So there was no point in leaving home since there was no change," said Vanessa Graham.

The recent rains on Sunday though changed her mind.

"Now it's steady raining and water is rising. And it's going to be more of a risk with a breech on the levee and the sand boils getting worse."

More than a hundred of Cairo's evacuees are now calling Shawnee Community College home.

Sunday afternoon, Illinois' Lt. Governor Sheila Simon stopped by to see how they were doing.

"I wanted to see first hand where the people are going to and what's been set up," said Lt. Governor Simon.

"I'm very impressed with the facilities here, and with the cooperation of everyone in the community."

Simon and her husband also dropped off numerous board games, puzzles and decks of cards at the shelter for the kids to play with while they're away from their homes.

While the families are away police patrols are going on throughout the neighborhoods to ensure that everybody's property is safe and there for them when they can come home.

For those who have not left, there is still a plan to get them out, if the flood waters come rushing in.

"Law enforcement in conjunction with the U.S. Army National Guard have been going around getting every ones names and addresses," said Cairo Mayor Judson Childs.

If the entire town has to be evacuated he says he will be the last one out the gate.

"Well the last person out will probably be me, because I'll be here right to the end."

An end that will be decided by just how high the Ohio River rises in the days ahead.