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Illinois Lt. Gov visits JWCC as part of statewide tour 

August 10, 2011

QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM)--Illinois Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon was in Quincy Wednesday to encourage people to continue their education.

She came to John Wood Community College to learn how two new "career ladder" programs may help area students earn more associate's degrees.

Lt Governor Sheila Simon is visiting all of the state's 48 community colleges and John Wood was the 26th stop on her tour.

Illinois' goal is to have 60 % of working age adults obtain college degrees or certificates by the year 2025, and achieving that is a focus of the politician's tour.

Simon led a roundtable discussion with students and staff to learn how John Wood connects its students to the workforce.

Simon says she would like to see the state of Illinois become a leader in education and while she admits this will be a long process, she says it starts before college.

"What I am focusing on and asking questions about at every community college that I go to is particularly the transition from high school to community college and how we can make that smoother for students, how we can make that a more efficient thing that we are paying for as taxpayers," said Simon.

Simon is also an avid kayaker and after her visit to John Wood she paddled around the Quincy Bay.

She met with community leaders to discuss ways to restore the bay area.