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Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon Urges Gov. Pat Quinn to Sign Death Penalty Repeal 


Fox News Chicago
January 24, 2011

Springfield, Ill. (AP) - Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon has added her voice to the chorus of political leaders who are urging Gov. Pat Quinn to sign legislation ending the death penalty in Illinois.

In a letter she sent to Quinn on Monday, Simon points out that she spent four years as an assistant state's attorney in southern Illinois' Jackson County, and feels that she did a good job in that post. But she also says that our criminal justice system, even when operating at its best, is still imperfect.

In urging Quinn to sign the death penalty ban recently passed by the Illinois General Assembly, Simon also noted that since 1977, 20 people sentenced to death in Illinois have been freed because they were later found innocent or because the cases against them collapsed.