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Lt. Gov. Simon: Cairo faces ‘recipe for disaster’ 

WJBC Radio Bloomington
April 29, 2011
By Eric Stock

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon joined Governor Quinn in a flyover of the swollen Mississippi and Ohio rivers yesterday.

“To see Cairo from the air is really an amazing thing because you can see that the river is much higher than the town. It is only engineering and the floodwall that keep Cairo from being completed inundated right now,” Simon said.

Simon tells WJBC, it’s a recipe for disaster for Cairo that the two rivers could be cresting at the same time.

Simon says water levels for the Big Muddy River in her native Jackson County appear to be higher now than they were during the 1993 flood.

Simon had to cancel a scheduled visit to Heartland Community College today to assess flood damage in Southern Illinois.

Judge backs plan to puncture levee

A federal judge is giving the go-ahead to the Army Corps of Engineers’ plan to intentionally break a Mississippi River levee in southeastern Missouri. The break could happen as early as this weekend to spare a flood-threatened Illinois town just upriver. Missouri officials tried to block the move, saying the floodwaters would ruin farmland and damage about 100 homes.