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Lt. Gov. Simon visits gun range to tackle conceal carry law 


KFVS 12 (Cape Girardeau, MO)
April 1, 2013
By Allison Twaits

SPARTA, IL (KFVS) - The last stop for the Illinois firearms group landed Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon in Sparta.

Taking aim at the concealed carry law from several angles.

"The state has important responsibilities in terms of regulation fire arms and I thought I ought to know a little bit firsthand to be involved in that conversation," said Simon.

That's the goal for lieutenant governor Sheila Simon and 15 Freshman state representatives that make up the Firearms Working Group.

"To get an idea about the sense of needs for pubic safety in urban areas, to get a sense responsible firearm ownership in rural areas and to be able to bridge some of the geographic divide," she said.

It's that effort to know more that had the group visit gun owners, law enforcement and families of gun violence victims to better tackle the gun issue for the state.

That brought Simon to the World Shooting Complex in Sparta to experience and learn about the world of competitive gun shooting-and got her hands on a rifle.

Simon and the group compiled a checklist for lawmakers to use when discussing the upcoming gun control bill.

"There are a lot more issues that we think are very significant that ought to be part of the debate," said Simon.

Funding, local input, and firearms training are just some of the topics that need to be involved in the gun control conversation.

A conversation that must result in a bill this legislative session.

Illinois is the only state in the nation with a law that bans carrying concealed firearms.