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Lt. Governor Proposes Concealed Carry Checklist 


WSIL 3 (Carterville)
April 1, 2013
By Mathew Stearcy

WSIL -- After weeks of gun control debate Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon lays out a checklist of ideas for a concealed carry law in Illinois.

"We talked to both Illinois citizens who are victims of gun violence and responsible gun owners," said Simon. "When we talk about firearms in Illinois and in the nation we start off at polar opposites and the conversation only drives us further apart."

Simon's Firearms Working Group is meant to bring those two sides together to promote dialogue and find solutions.

She says lawmakers need to consider firearm restrictions in certain public places such as schools. She also supports implementing background checks and permits to help regulate gun control.

"I appreciate Lt. Governor Simon for doing this and getting this working group together to keep the lines of communication open," said Representative Brandon Phelps of Harrisburg. "A lot of her checkpoint is what my bill says. We want restrictions and we want fair restrictions."

No matter what concealed carry restrictions lawmakers decide on Simon says state funding will be a critical issue.

"Whatever checklist we have we want to make sure that we pay for it so we can actually make it a functioning," said Simon.