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  1. Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor Sheila Simon's Classroom First Commission 

October 24, 2011

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon is working to improve efficiency and learning in the classrooms.

The Classrooms First Commission held its second public hearing today in Normal where they focused on how to improve learning in classrooms throughout the state.

The commission began earlier this month. They have several concerns that deal with student welfare and giving students the best opportunities for learning.

Simon explains the goals of the commission that school districts statewide are hoping to achieve.

"They really boil down to two goals. Improving education opportunity and making sure that we're spending our public tax dollars wisely in terms of education, that we're being efficient, that we're getting more of the money to where we want it to go in to the classroom rather than stopping other layers that might not be necessary," says Governor Simon.

The Commission hopes to combine local control and opportunities for students to have a rich curriculum with the help of the parents, taxpayers and educators.

Additional public hearings are scheduled to be in Moline and Des Plaines.