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  1. Lt. Governor

Lt. Governor Simon advocates education, arts in Normal 

WJBC Radio
May 23, 2011
By Michelle Mantel

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon was in Normal to push two initiatives today. Simon stopped at Heartland Community College as part of her Community College Tour. She initially announced the tour in Bloomington. Since the effort kicked off, Simon has visited 16 of the 48 community colleges throughout the state.

“This is a time in our state’s economy when we need to focus on any type of economic boost that we can,” she said. “Community colleges connect students with local businesses that need trained workers and that’s a tremendous edge for us to have as a state.”

Simon is also showing her dedication to the arts. She was invited to play her banjo at the One State Arts Conference in Normal today and says there’s an underlying message she’s sending.

“It’s the same kind of message about arts and the economy and how that can be an important part of developing economic opportunities for us as a state,” she said.